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I love your artstyle!

I remember when this game came out! The first time around I played, I never finished, but I'm so, so glad I did! Sure, I really suck at this game, I did when I played a year or so ago, and I do now (4000 points in the end). However, my frustration with completing the game does not overpower my love for it. The art and soundtrack are absolutely incredible. The cuteness of the visuals mixed with the morbidity/seriousness of the plot is something that really caught my eye! The first several levels are very sweet and harmless, but the build up to the final bosses is very cool. I really enjoy how the enemies get tougher and more confusing as time goes on. Another thing I noticed was how well the music fit the art style! The music is on a loop (as most games are) but I loved how I never could tell when the loop happened! It was extremely seamless and just furthered my enjoyment for the game. 

I doubt the creator will see this, due to the publishing of the game being a while ago, but if you (fakegamergirlcomics) do see my review, thank you so much for making an incredible game and I hope there is more Bunt Girl content in the future!

ah this comment means a lot! i wanna work on new games soon! >:3c I do have sequel plans for Bunt Girl!


This is a very cute nice tiny game, thank you!


​Whoa, this game is brilliant! Really excellent mechanical design, and the aesthetics are top notch~!

I thought I was going to play for just 5 minutes but ended up playing for like half an hour!

7170 Wont say I didn't struggle, but was a cute and fun game nevertheless :3

this is so cute i love everything about it <33333333333333333

so cute! and I love the sound design

4055! This was awesome to finally beat!

5685 :D Love the game, Wonderful Audio, great challenging game!


Lovely visuals & soundtrack. Quite an addictive game :)

Thaanks! That means a lot! :)


I love this !!!!! The game has such FGG Comics energy thruout! And it's really funny and obscenely cute! Fuck! I also really REALLY liked some of the original music, particularly this one track that sounded straight out of SNES Castlevania, which I got somewhere around level 25. Thanks so much for the game, Ash <3 <3 <3





Haha thanks! And yes! I used an old keyboard and definitely thought I made one of the songs sound like a weird castlevania theme! Thanks for playing! <3

i like the sounds and music and art a lot!!

Thanks so much! That means a lot!


it did take me 15 levels to realise the painting in the background was two witches high fiving and not a really angry boar


gonna show this to my good freind the pope just like mattison pattison


cute and harder than it looks! I did notice on level 15 you can clear the bottom row by just scrolling past them with the ball still on your bat.


Thanks for such a cute game! I'm also a trans girl who likes to kiss girls and would be inconvenienced if I had to bunt a bunch of ghosts back to hell, so I can totally identity with the character and motive ^_^*

A fun way to spend an hour, I appreciated how forgiving the game was and how unique the gameplay was versus other breakout-style games that I've played in the past.

Wow!! I've had so much fun playing this game and taking in all the artwork and music. Super entertaining and satisfying to play and simply charming to look at! Would definitely recommend for anyone to zen out, forget about their troubles and enjoy playing a fun browser game! Thanks for the game!

(I'm a browser game enthusiast and this has entered my list of games to play when I have my laptop out and need to keep my hands/brain busy and entertained!)

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A really good game, always been a fan of breakout style games, also the artstyle is super cute and music is really chill and nice, also love that the sound effects are percussion sounds as it adds some randomness to the beat.

Thanks so much! I intentionally sampled all of the music from the same vintage keyboard in order for the sounds to all mesh... I'm glad you picked up on it, that means a lot! 


This is an awesome game!! I love the art style and the obstacles. You did amazing!


Very good game, very charming art and music, good amount of difficulty and the perfect length!


okay where do i even START. amazingly cute art style, really chill and catchy music + the sfx vibe directly with it. visuals-wise alone this is a treat, all the creative designs and really interesting background storytelling made playing through it super worthwhile. the pastels are really neat, i love how the room slowly breaks down, the twist at the end with the L49 boss, the obligatory two-stage boss battle with really great enemy design, it's all so good

and gameplay-wise it's great too! some levels were a bit frustrating, and i bashed my head against L29 in particular for a while, but i was never actively angry at the game. if anything, it just gave me more time to think on some of the stuff i wanted to say about it! for example, it's a really clever twist to have it so that you have to manage every single projectile simultaneously - it adds a really interesting layer to the gameplay where i was actively trying to calculate whether to activate the extra projectiles early and risk having to bounce them all, or slowly whittle down the enemies first before activating Them Balls.

aggressively charming in the best possible way with surprising depth for a 50-level browser game. 100/10 i love it bunt girl could bunt me and i would thank her

This review is so kind! Thank you for taking the time to write it, that means a lot! I’m excited that you got a lot of what I wanted to do in this (super simple) browser game. Thanks for playing!


This game is so cute!! Love the art style :^)

Thanks so ,u h! That means a lot! 


okay, i've been olaying for like, half an hour, or so, i'm on level 27, currently and let me tell you, this game is so awesome! I hope you make more games!

Yes! I plan on it! Thanks for the comment! 

also, there is a glitch at level 42, i believe, the level with the mega wyrm. sometimes the baseball gets stuck in the right corner of the screen and i can't move it

the level with the longest wyrm? hm... yeah, id have to look! that's why i left in the reset level button (C)... nice to know it has a purpose lol.

cute artstyle and music!

Thank you!

Delightful! Great art, designs, and puns!


Ah, thanks! I tried to crank up the charm in this one! :O

very cute! i love the art and enemy designs, and the unique changes some levels can have with your weapon or ball. also Ode to Pyratite can get it 

Thanks for playing! And yes, I love the Ode to Pyratite sculpture :0