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this was so cute! i wish i had pursued the thing with john but hanging out with chelsea was fun :)

Absolutely lovely!

ahh thanks! <3

very late to the game here, but I love it!


thanks for playing! 


I finally got around to playing this and I have to say it is great! I agree that there's some good NITW vibes here. I loved the story. Good job!

Hey thank for playing it! Glad you enjoyed it, and yeah I love NITW!


Love it! It gives off Night In The Woods vibes. The music is great, is there somewhere I can listen to more of it?


Thanks for playing it! You can find the music on Spotify/bandcamp under Ashlynn Barker! Or just search for Rebel Kitunse! There are even versions of the songs with lyrics! 

Finally got to play this, it's a really enjoyable romp and I love the music <3
lol, i totally died by pizza XD


Nice job coding this system and nice music too! It must've taken a while to write the script, I like the short little divergences like lock picking or pestering John. 


Hey thanks! I had a lot of fun with the writing and the music! I'm glad you enjoyed it! The code is *mostly* from a course I took on udemy! And yeah... it was probably around a month of writing and lots of editing!