Pop Pup Skateboarding is a skateboarding game, starring Ollie (the best dog girl in the city)!

But really ~ it's one button auto-runner game with a focus on building combos and getting a big score! ^^

So, uhm... Grab your board and a slice of pizza and get ready to shred Lake Shore Zone!

The one button to jump is ~ space, down arrow, or z.

Press S to switch game modes!

Thanks for playing! I'd love to hear any feedback, comments, etc & (please) post your high scores in the comments! Also, I super appreciate any donations as they will help pay my friends who voiced the characters in this game!

<3 <3 <3  - Ashlynn (Jamiee)

NOTE: This game was made possible through patreon!

2nd NOTE: See the guide on the main menu for more information on gameplay!

Updated 4 days ago
Published 21 days ago
Rated 4.6 out of 5 stars
(39 total ratings)
Authorfake gamer comics / ashlander games
Made withUnity
TagsFurry, High Score, LGBT, LGBTQIA, one-button, one-hit-kill, Score Attack, Skating, Transgender

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S - A - S - B - S - XOX


I got rank B


This game is a great way to pass the time in school. I spent over 2 hours getting rank XOX. Can't wait for more pupdates to this game!




a mysterious secret... :o


So cool, I love it




she is so me! (I skate only for transport)

ooo me too ^^

the game is very inspired by my daily skates to get coffee ^^


Make a .exe pls it's really cool!!!

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Oh my goodness me this is such a fun game! (oddly reminds me of someone... haha, I don't know them directly though)

ALSO!! I turned up my volume, and oh my goshh the music!!! 😍


I got 82257.


I got a b rank on my first try!!! I'm never good at games like this lol 


I got B Rank on my first try! My main issues are that the skateboard is a little too slow without the coffee and there’s too many particles that make it hard to tell what’s going on. Other than that, really good game!

Nicee! I really appreciate your feedback! Thanks for checking it out ^^ I just pushed a new update! So there's less particle effects! ^^ Also ~ there's a new game mode! :3 and some other fixes ~ like being able to string coffees together to continue your speed boost!



Thanks for playing! ^^ Def check out the pupdate i just released <.<


this is so fun! i made it to s-rank (530880!!) it took me a bit to get the hang of it but once i figured out how to build up combos i was zooming 

i feel like the movement speed when shredding is a bit too slow

Love Ollie's design and voice lines, esp the ehehehe :)

AA thanks so much for playing & for the kind feedback! ^^ 


it remids me of a old windows 98 game i use to play wen i wase a kid 

what are the ost songs called?the music its very catchy 

aaaa thanks! you can listen to the music here ~ https://ashbyandtheoceanns.bandcamp.com/album/pop-pup-skateboarding-ost


reminds me of childhood mobile games I would play on my dad's iPod touch :)


aa thanks! that means a lot >:3 def check out the update when you have a chance!

I did just now! :D


cute little game!! bit of a sensory overload but i love it. Ive gotta check out your other games sometime

I just lessened particle effects haha ~ def check out the update ^^ ~ thanks for playing <3


love this got rank b first time!! ^_^

niceeee !!! ^^ 


I like the idea, very cute, but the particles are very annoying and could be fixed :)

cool thanks for playing! I'll lessen particles in the update ^^

the game is updated >:3c def check it out when you have a chance! there's less particle effects! lol


Awesome! I'm glad theres a developer out there who cares about player's opinions, that makes a good game developer in the future

i like the game and the idea, but toning down the effects or particals would help to see better !! Love the game and might waste like an hour on it later :)

also is 103204 a good score (i got a B)

also ~ B is def decent & you're not too far off A rank! ^^ There's a few higher ranks also!

new update is out now >:3c there's less particle effects and a new game mode and some other fixes! ^^

thanks so much for the comment! less particles/effects will be in the next update! are there any specifically that are too much? Any feedback is appreciated ^^

I'll also have an additional game mode and some other stuff in the update ^^


The voice lines are annoying. Sound effects sould be better.

i like them lmao,

aa sorry the voice lines will prob stay! ^^ thanks for playing!


i love how there's 580000 particles so you can't see shit

thanks ^^

The production on this one is off the charts! The animation, music, art, voice acting, character <3 <3 <3

aa thanks so much ^^ that really means a lot!

532155 :3

that was so awesome im channelling ollie forever

aa thanks for playing >:3 def check out the new update when you feel like it >:3c


934859 on one hit run >:3c

its funny, one hit run felt more relaxing than timed run, it just let me really get into the groove of pop pup skateboarding. i love the atmosphere, i love the music, i love ollie!!! really good game and i think im gonna come back to it a lot

This was amazing!!!!! <3

aa thanks so much ^^

I had a good time! Managed to get 221651 points. I'll give it a few more tries to see if I can beat it

new update out now >:3c thanks for playing!

54093 was my best :3

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50710 :]]

update.. got to 88448

Want play this


chill ass game


Ain't no way Ollie Sa2'd his way out that helicopter. (Also I think the rank screen has a City Escape reference)

aa yeah a lot of it is an Sa2 reference, including the song! ^^

Stuck at B rank and it's haunting me, I will never be as cool as Ollie

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Like 20 minutes in, I love it! Just made A rank :3 (OHOHO S RANK! 685478)

The last time I can remember feeling this happy playing an autorunner was Robot Unicorn Attack

aa nice!! thanks for the great compliment! ^^ <3 there's a new update <.< with a new game mode! ^^ 

very good and powerful. this game's got it all. skateboard. doggy. pizza. style.

Pop Pup Skateboarding Gameplay

Ahhhh! This was so much fun! I love Ollie <3

High Score: 1105179

High Score: 117857

So radical!! Love the elegance of a 1-button skating game. And the Sonic Adventure 2 intro cutscene is so incredible. Excellent game, can't wait to see the further adventures of Ollie!

aa thanks! I'm working on an update now >:3

Very fun game ! The colors are really nice to look at and the art style is super cute ! My score was 137337 :3

niceee thanks for playing ^^


Super cute and fun. You can tell Ollie is trans because they have a double jump.

so true! ^^ thanks for playing!